Bristol Women’s Club Inc, GFWC


Bristol Women’s Club Inc, GFWCOrganized 1930

Federated GFWC 1931
Bristol Woman’s Club, Inc. is a member
of General Federation of Women’s Club of CT (GFWC/CT) and
General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC)




Regular club meetings are held on the 4 th Wednesday of each month at Prospect United Methodist Church from September to May.Coffee hour 1 p.m.
Business meeting 1:30 p.m.The Bristol Woman’s Club, Inc. celebrated its 70th Year as a member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs.On May 27, 1930, a group of twelve Bristol women interested in the formation of a club for women met at the home of Mrs. Ernest Andrew. The president of the CT State Federation of Women’s Clubs, Mrs. Robert Gadd was present and explained methods of getting such a club organized.
On December 4, 1930, a Constitution and By-Laws were accepted and elections held. In
January of 1931 it was voted to join the General Federation and the CT. State Federation of Women’s Clubs . The Federation certificate was received in July, 1931.
Now as we celebrate our 70th anniversary as a member club of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs we take time to review the beginning of the General Federation.
One humdred thirty-three years ago Mrs. Jane Cunningham Croly, who was an editor of a fashion magazine, tried to attend a banquet in New York City for Charles Dickens. She and her friends Alice and Phoebe Cary were refused admittance by the men’s club in charge of the banquet. Stung by this rejection they decided to organize a woman’s club which “should manage its own affairs, represent as far as possible the active interests of women, and create a band of fellowship between them.” Five women met at the home of Mrs. Jane Cunningham Croly and chose the name “Sorosis” from the Latin meaning a “women’s society.”
In 1889 Sorosis celebrated its 21st birthday and invited women from all over the country to a three day convention. Sixty-one clubs attended. It was voted to pursue the formation of a General Federation of Women’s Clubs.
In 1890 sixty three delegates from seventeen states attended a convention and a constitution and By-Laws were adopted. Mrs. Ella D. Clymer, the president of Sorosis used the words “Unity in Diversity” which became the motto of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. We are proud to be a part of this organization with a membership of 50,000 members in the United States and additional millions of members in forty countries.
We thank Mrs. Jane Cunningham Croly (whose pen name was Jennie June) for her vision and dedication. We of the Bristol Woman’s Club, Inc. are proud to be members of an organization that has served our community for over seventy years. We look forward to continuing our service to the community.